Low Risk Games Permit

Low Risk Games shall encompass Non-Profit Games, Commercial Communication Games and Limited Commercial Communication Games as listed in the Fifth Schedule of the Gaming Authorisations Regulations, 2018.

A low risk games permit is only valid for a singular event and will expire when the event is concluded.

The permit holder shall pay the Malta Gaming Authority the one-time non-refundable low risk games permit application fee of twenty-five Euro (€ 25) in respect of each permit.

Non-Profit Games (Lotteries & Bingo)

A Non-Profit Game is a licensable game wherein the stake cannot exceed five euro per player and over ninety percent (90%) of the net proceeds are forwarded to an entity with a charitable, sporting, religious, philanthropic, cultural, educational, social or civic purpose.

Commercial Communication Games

A Commercial Communication Game is a licensable game that shall not cumulatively exceed one hundred thousand Euro in prizes during any calendar month and not more than five hundred thousand euro during any calendar year. The game is organised with the purpose to promote or encourage the sale of goods or services, and which does not constitute an economic activity in its own right, and where any payments required to be made by the participant serve only to acquire the promoted goods or services and not to participate in the game, although it may be a condition that a person purchases the promoted goods or services in order to participate in the game.

Limited Commercial Communication Games

A Limited Commercial Communication Game is a licensable game organised with the purpose to promote or encourage the sale of goods or services and which includes a stake of not more than €2 and a prize limited to not more than €250.

Cruise Casinos

The Cruise Casino Approval was introduced with the aim of regulating the operation of casinos on board cruise ships berthed in Malta or within Maltese territorial waters. The role of the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) in this regard is to ensure that there is fair play in accordance with the principles embraced by the Authority. For this reason, any cruise line wishing to operate a cruise casino requires prior approval and must adhere to the conditions contained therein.

Only cruise ships for pleasure voyages, with a minimum capacity of 150 passengers and passenger living facilities, carrying out a minimum of three ports of call in three different jurisdictions which may or may not include Malta.

Cruise lines wishing to seek approval for cruise casinos to operate within Maltese territorial waters are to submit an online application form through the MGA portal.

Applications must be filed before the cruise ship is due to call in Malta and the approval is only issued once the relative fee is paid and the Authority ensures that all the requirements have been met.