Vacancies at MGA

At the Malta Gaming Authority you will have the opportunity to work with some of the best minds in the industry, with people who are passionate about the gaming industry and work together to succeed.

Working at MGA

“ The MGA is constantly evolving, and I am thankful to have evolved with it.”
Taeko Watanabe
Authorisations Manager

Recruitment Process

The MGA’s most important asset is its people. Through our recruitment process, we aim to recruit the Authority’s future leaders, while ensuring that we strengthen the high-performance culture that enables the Authority to achieve its strategic objectives.



Life at the MGA

At the MGA, we believe in having a culture that helps employees grow personally and professionally. Our employees work towards a unified vision – that of enhancing the igaming ecosystem for our licensees as well as ensuring a safe space for players where they can play in a crime-free environment. At the MGA, we promote an environment that helps people work at their best potential while adopting a positive leadership culture.

Our Perks

Ongoing Training
Personal and Professional Development
Free Counselling Sessions
Study and exam leave
Flexible working arrangements
Remote working
Sports leave
Diverse working environment
360 exposure to a highly dynamic industry
Team events


Why choose the MGA?

The Malta Gaming Authority’s internship programme offers exciting opportunities for students to work with a leading Regulator gaining invaluable knowledge, industry exposure and the chance to work with experts in the field.

Want to know more?

Who is eligible to apply?

We’d love to meet all students, especially those studying Banking and Finance, Business Studies, Technology, Commerce, Criminology, Information Technology, Management, Law.

Duration of Placement

Whether you are interested in a summer placement or one of a longer duration, get in touch.

Where to apply

Send your CV and covering letter to [email protected]

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