Our Structure

Board of Governors

Members of the Board of Governors are appointed by the Minister responsible for gaming. The Board of Governors is primarily responsible for overseeing the strategic development of the Authority and ensuring that the set policy and strategic objectives are achieved. The Board is also responsible for policy development, overall risk management and is also consulted by Government on policy matters.

Ryan Pace
Charles Mizzi
Arthur Ellul
Renald Blundell
Mark Musù
Roberto Francalanza
Ruth Trapani Galea Feriol
Adrian Caruana

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee, is primarily responsible for the execution of the Authority’s overall strategic vision, as directed by the Board of Governors. It is responsible for the day-to-day operation and management functions of the MGA as well as the implementation of the Authority’s programmes and policies.

Chief Executive Officer
Deputy Chief Executive Officer & Chief Officer Operations
Chief Officer Regulatory
Chief Officer – Finance & Business Transformation
Chief Officer - Policy & International Affairs

Audit Committee

The role of the Audit Committee is to assist the Board of Governors of the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) in ensuring good corporate governance, risk management, oversight of audit/accounting issues and internal controls. Furthermore, the Audit Committee oversees the accounting and reporting processes, the audits of the financial statements, internal audits and internal control systems. The Audit Committee is authorised to conduct investigations into any matters falling within the scope of its responsibility. The Secretary is responsible for the preparation of the Audit Committee’s agenda in consultation with the Chairman of the Audit Committee and for ensuring that follow ups and actions emanating from the Audit Committee are executed. The Secretary also presents reports to the Committee for discussion and action.

Dean Hili
Karl Cutajar
Ruth Trapani Galea Feriol
Marita Pace Dimech
Lindsey Gambin

Supervisory Council

The Supervisory Council set up by the Authority’s Board of Governors, has been set up to supervise and review the regulatory objectives of the MGA in the exercise of its functions. The Supervisory Council is responsible for ensuring the integrity, consistency and development of the regulatory functions of the MGA. It is also tasked with providing oversight and guidance in relation to ongoing regulatory issues, strategic regulation and act as an advisory committee to the Authority’s Board and management.

Rebekah Duca
Peter Spiteri
Brandon Debattista
Christabel Calleja
Katrina Pace Bonici Mompalao
Antonio Abdilla Zerafa
Zachary Sciberras

Commercial Communications Committee

Set up in 2019, the Commercial Communications Committee ensures adherence to  the Gaming Commercial Communications Regulations (S.L. 583.09). The main functions of the Committee lie in reviewing commercial communications brought to its attention and assessing any possible breaches, as part of the MGA’s mission of placing player protection and responsible gaming on top of its regulatory agenda.

The Committee is governed by a set of guidelines aimed at providing practical guidance to any person offering licensable game/s and to persons who collaborate in any way or provide any service, including any marketing or promotional service, to or on behalf of such persons.

Compliance & Enforcement Committee

The Compliance and Enforcement Committee was set up in July 2019 and is primarily responsible for evaluating breaches of the Gaming Act (Chapter 583 of the Laws of Malta) and the regulatory instruments issued thereunder; with a view of taking appropriate and proportionate enforcement action on a case-by-case basis in accordance with the MGA’s Guiding Principles for the Application of Enforcement Measures.

The Committee is currently composed of six members which collectively represent a variety of relevant directorates within the Authority in a manner which is commensurate to the nature of issues which are escalated for its consideration. In addition to its primary functions, the Committee also exercises oversight of a sub-committee which is more directly concerned with the recovery of dues owed to the Authority by its Authorised Persons.

Fit and Proper Committee

The Fit and Proper Committee has been set up by the Authority’s Board to assess and determine whether applicants for a Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) Licence are fit and proper persons, (especially from a criminal probity aspect), to be granted a gaming licence and be authorised to conduct gaming business activities. This committee decides which entities and personnel should be screened, when to conduct enhanced due diligence, and whether or not existent licensees should continue to conduct gaming business under the Malta licence.

It is also tasked with recommending changes in the policies and procedures regarding the fit and properness of operators and individuals, recommend enforcement actions where it deems necessary and also turn down approval requests. The Fit and Proper Committee also evaluates and determines any changes in the risk assessment of licensed operators and may impose licence conditions at its own discretion.

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