Other Approvals


An Amusement Machine is any type of machine through which a game may be played via an electronic display, made available for use by players in a gaming premises by an operator on a consistent basis, whether or not it is operated by the insertion of money or token, whether or not a successful player receives or is offered a prize, and where the exclusive purpose of such a machine is for amusement and not for gambling purposes.

In registering any such amusement machine, the Authority may levy applicable administrative fees.

The person registering the amusement machines shall ensure that the Authority is notified of any changes to the information provided to the Authority.


The Racecourse and Sweepstakes at the Malta racecourse, are licensed by the Malta Racing Club, under the responsibility of the executive police.

Racecourse Betting and Sweepstakes online are licensed under Type 2 of the Gaming Authorisations Regulations.

A group of jockeys horse racing