Industry Performance Return

The MGA’s Industry Performance Return (IPR\Return) is to be compiled by all licensees on a bi-annual basis, providing key data on various aspects of the operation. The Return needs to be submitted in a correct, complete and accurate manner through the Licensee Relationship Management System (LRMS) which can be accessed through

Submission is due every six months as requested by the Authority. Data is collected for the following periods:

                                                                    Time Frame                                                                                                                                           Due Date
1 January – 30 June 7 September
1 July – 31 December 28 February

We strongly encourage to submit the replies well ahead of deadline to allow adequate time to process the submission.

This request for information is being made in terms of Article 7(2)(d) of the Gaming Act (Chapter 583 of the Laws of Malta).


  • Click HERE to download the excel version of the Industry Performance Return which was prepared to facilitate data gathering from different units of your company. Kindly note that only online submissions made via the LRMS, will be considered valid. The Authority will not accept any Returns sent via email or regular post.
  • Click HERE to download the Guidance for Completion of the Industry Performance Return which includes definitions of various terms and explanation on how to fill in the Return. Furthermore, we have gathered the answers to the most commonly asked questions on the IPR found in Chapter 4 of Guidance document – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).


The IPR needs to be submitted through the LRMS portal which can be accessed through

The MGA will not be accepting any submissions made via other sources, like excel files, email or physical copies.