Industry Performance Return

The MGA’s Industry Performance Return (IPR\Return) is to be compiled by all licensees on a bi-annual basis, providing key data on various aspects of the operation. The Return needs to be submitted in a correct, complete and accurate manner. Submission is due every six months as requested by the Authority. Data is collected for the following periods:

                                                                    Time Frame                                                                                                                                           Due Date
1st January – 30th June 7th September
1st July – 31st December 28th February

We strongly encourage to submit the replies well ahead of deadline to allow adequate time to process the submission.

This request for information is being made in terms of Article 7(2)(d) of the Gaming Act (Chapter 583 of the Laws of Malta).

Available Forms

To download the form, please click on the link below:

Companies in possession of both categories of licences are required to complete the respective forms.

Guidance for Completion of the IPR & FAQs

Following the enactment of the new Gaming Act, the Returns were reviewed and updated to reflect recent changes in legislation. Furthermore, the Authority has taken into account the informal feedback received from the operators throughout the past data collection exercises which has helped to fine-tune the definitions and overall requirements.

To this end, please refer to the Guidance for Completion of the Industry Performance to ensure the correct interpretation of definitions and overall requirements. Furthermore, we have gathered the answers to the most commonly asked questions regarding the IPRs found in Chapter 3 of Guidance document – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

IPR Submission

Please use the below form to submit the IPR in excel format(.xls). There is no need to submit the scanned version of the Return (in pdf format).

Once your submission is completed, an automatically generated message will be displayed on the website. You will also receive a confirmation by email issued by the Information Management team within 2 working days from the date the IPR is submitted.

Please note that after receipt of your completed Return, the MGA may still need to contact you for any further information it deems necessary in order to process your submission.

The IPR can be also sent to the Information Management department on

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