Material Gaming Supply

Material Gaming Supply is a gaming supply of such importance that any weakness or failure in its provision could have a significant impact on the operator’s ability:

  1. to meet the operator’s obligations under the Act and all applicable regulatory instruments; or
  2. to manage the risks related to such supply; or
  3. to continue in business;

Any person offering a material gaming supply listed hereunder to an authorised person may request a material gaming supply certificate from the Authority.

  1. Manufacturing, assembling, placing on the market, distributing, supplying, selling, leasing or transferring a gaming device;
  2. Providing risk management services for the operation of a licensable game;
  3. Providing event, content and, or odds;
  4. Providing fraud management services for the operation of a licensable game;
  5. Holding and, or managing player funds;
  6. Providing services relating to customer due diligence;
  7. Providing services related to player identity verification;
  8. Providing co-location services and other managed information technology services, including cloud computing services and, or decentralised hosting protocols where the latter do not amount to a critical gaming supply; and
  9. Providing back-up and disaster recovery services

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