The MGA streamlines the Return to Player percentage applicable to both remote and land-based sectors

The Authority is publishing amendments to Article 22 of the Player Protection Directive (Directive 2 of 2018) (the ‘Directive’) in order to streamline the minimum Return to Player (‘RTP’) percentage applicable to licensees across all sectors. The amendment consists in the lowering of the existing minimum RTP percentage (applicable to operators offering their games online) from ninety-two per cent (92%) to eighty-five per cent (85%).

The MGA recognises that responsible decision-making necessitates the consideration of feedback provided by industry stakeholders and therefore, during May 2021 the Authority carried out a closed consultation to better assess the viability of the proposed change to the minimum RTP threshold. The consultation process involved a number of industry stakeholders, namely, consultants, Business-to-Consumer operators and Business-to-Business operators. The consultation process enabled the Authority to gain a better understanding of the views adopted by the consultation participants in terms of optimal RTP percentage and possible implications resulting from the change to the minimum RTP threshold on their product offering, operations, and competitive position. In addition, the MGA also carried out a comparative analysis on the applicability of the RTP percentages that one may find in selected jurisdictions throughout the European Union (‘EU’) and outside of the EU. A summary of the outcome of the consultation as well as the research carried out by the MGA can be found in the attached Policy Paper on the Amending the Return to Player Minimum Percentage, which is being published in parallel with the amendments to the Directive.

In line with its commitment to protect consumers, especially minors and vulnerable persons, the MGA shall be publishing further amendments to the Directive in due course.

All licensees are reminded that the game rules must be readily available to the player. Those offering the service online must ensure that the game rules are to be displayed in full no more than one click away from the page on which the game can be played. With respect to games which are played after being downloaded and installed on a compatible device, licensees shall also ensure that the game rules shall be made present to the player in any case prior to the player’s first wager on the game. For the avoidance of any doubt, this requirement is equally applicable to mobile sites and to mobile device applications.

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