The MGA publishes two consultation papers on Enhanced Automated Reporting Platforms (EARP) to enhance regulatory compliance & reporting


Malta is regarded as one of the most experienced gaming jurisdictions in the world and the Malta Gaming Authority’s (MGA) ambition is to excel further in its governance role. The underlying objective is to continue steering Malta to be the absolute leader, fostering innovation, development and thought leadership in distinct areas of the sector’s governance.  These areas include the overall integrity of the sector, enhanced player protection and regulatory compliance performance.

The MGA’s objective is to consult publicly on issues which are industry relevant and have a potential impact on operators. As such, the MGA wishes to involve all potentially impacted stakeholders in its consultation processes to obtain their views and perspectives on the possible impact of changes in technology and/or operational requirements for enhanced compliance reporting.

In this regard, the MGA is looking into the adoption of enhanced reporting tool for Land Based Gaming Devices, primarily through the means of the implementation of an automated enhanced reporting platform. The MGA’s aim is to continue to improve on compliance reporting, leveraging technology to further drive benefits to the industry in general and the operators in particular, in order to reach its goals of improved future stability, integrity and consumer protection. The Consultation on Enhanced Automated Reporting Platform (EARP) for Land Based Gaming Devices in Casinos and Gaming Parlours can be viewed here.

Furthermore, the MGA is evaluating the adoption of an Enhanced Automated Reporting Platform for the remote gaming sector. This is due to the fact that some operators are choosing to locate part of their technical infrastructure in locations other than Malta which may hinder the timely and effective reporting capability by the MGA. The Consultation on Enhanced Automated Reporting Platform for Online / Remote Gaming can be accessed through here.

Queries and requests for clarifications with respect to the contents of both aforementioned documents, as well as contributions/feedback from interested parties may be sent to [email protected]

Closing date for both consultations is Wednesday, 16 December 2015 at 16:00h.

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