The MGA publishes a Concept Paper relating to Outsourcing in Remote Gaming

As the remote gaming industry continues to develop, grow and venture into new markets, it is increasingly relying on outsourcing. Notwithstanding the fact that the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) has long accepted this practice and intends to continue upholding it, it deems a policy on the subject matter is necessary.

For this reason, the MGA wishes to develop a draft policy in conjunction with the gaming industry for which a Joint Working Group is being set up with members representing the widest possible spectrum of the industry. The aim is to generally introduce the concept as well as the perspective of the MGA on outsourcing in remote gaming. It seeks to set out a number of parameters for a Policy on Outsourcing which the MGA would like to develop and adopt in collaboration with the industry.

The proposed Joint Working Group shall be composed of 10 members: four (4) from the MGA and six (6) members representing the remote gaming industry. The Group shall elect its Chairperson from amongst its members. Members of the working group may invite senior industry officials or their representative bodies, or other regulator/s, with knowledge/experience in the sector and subject matter being discussed, including stakeholders’ representatives of service providers of outsourced activities. The Working Group may receive such representations and input from other stakeholders in person (through participation/presentation in meetings) or in writing.

The Joint Working Group will be launched once the nominations are made by the industry (during September 2015) and will remain operational for a period of 12 weeks, by which time it is expected that the Working Group would have adopted a common position on a proposal for a Policy on Outsourcing, with input from other relevant stakeholders. Meetings shall be held physically or using secure teleconference facilities.

For more information, please send an email to [email protected].

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