The Authority issues Public Consultation regarding the proposed Authorised Application Managers Regulations and Policy Document

The Malta Gaming Authority is hereby issuing a public consultation regarding the proposed Authorised Application Managers Regulations and the Authorised Application Managers Regulations Policy Document. Both documents may be found on the Consultations Page.

Together, the latter will serve as a framework to regulate third-party service providers (“Application Manager/s”) that are currently assisting authorised persons and prospective authorised persons with the submission of applications.

The Authority has sought to improve the level of efficiency and expediency of its authorisation process. The introduction of this framework will enable the Authority to monitor and control the quality and accuracy of the documentation and information it receives from third parties representing applicants and licensees, thereby ensuring a higher quality of service. Naturally, this shall in no way detract from the right of applicants and licensees to interact directly with the Authority.

The Regulations will delineate the scope, functions, and obligations of Application Managers, and establish the powers of the Authority in this respect. The Policy Document compliments the Regulations by providing further clarity with respect to the Authority’s expectations of Application Managers, along with guidance aimed at assisting Application Managers to understand and comply with their regulatory obligations.

In line with the Authority’s commitment to an open and transparent decision-making process, the MGA is issuing this consultation to communicate and refine its proposal in relation to the Regulations and the Policy Document. The Authority is encouraging industry stakeholders to express their views and provide their feedback in relation to the Regulations and the Policy Document, so as to ensure that decisions are taken, and policies are adopted in a transparent and accountable manner.

The ongoing consultation shall give the opportunity to licensees to provide their feedback, if any, regarding the proposed amendments. The consultation period shall run until the 15 March 2023.

Kindly contact the Authority on [email protected] with any queries or feedback regarding the consultation.

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