Frequently Asked Questions

Many questions spring to mind when debating whether to apply for a remote gaming licence. These issues need to be approached comprehensively so as to ensure that an informed decision is taken.

When taking such a decision, there are a number of factors which need to be considered. These include: (i) the untarnished reputation of the regulatory authority; (ii) the credibility and reputability of the licence itself; (iii) the knowledge that the licensing framework is a legally tried-and-tested one; (iv) that the players have faith in the licence; and (v) that the fees charged for the licensing process are reasonable.

These considerations rank among the topmost priorities for the Malta Gaming Authority (hereinafter referred to simply as the ‘Authority’) as it continuously strives to maintain its reputation as a sound and robust regulator in this ongoing evolution of the sector.

The idea of setting up a gaming company in Malta is attractive for a myriad of other reasons that would surely include that Malta is an EU member state, has adopted the Euro as its currency, is geographically positioned in the centre of the Mediterranean Sea enjoying a temperate climate with a diverse highly-skilled and multilingual workforce imbued with a professional work ethic..

This Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section is intended to address the questions that many applicants and licensees ask the Authority.