Skill Games

The Malta Gaming Authority’s purview includes skill games, although only skill games deemed to be controlled skill games by the Authority are subject to a licensing requirement as per the Gaming Authorisations Regulations (S.L. 583.05).

Skill games which, in the opinion of the Authority, should be subject to additional regulatory supervision because of any additional risk they may pose to consumers, may, by virtue of a public ruling issued by the Authority in terms of regulation 8, be deemed ‘controlled skill games’, and thus become subject to the requirement of a licence, and the rest of the obligations envisaged in the regulations.

Rulings issued with respect to controlled skill games may be found on the MGA website. For the sake of legal clarity, skill games which are not subject to such a ruling, are not subject to the requirement to acquire a controlled skill game licence.

Further details on the requirements for a controlled skill games licence can be found in the ‘Application Process’ section.