Regulatory Updates

Revised Shared Conduct Requirements

The Malta Gaming Authority would like to remind licensees that the Policy for Outsourcing by Authorised Persons process must be followed when outsourcing activities relating to material supplies, critical supplies and key functions.  In accordance with the Gaming Authorisations and Compliance Directive (Directive 3 of 2018), licensees must notify the Authority of outsourcing material supplies within 30 days. Prior approval is required for outsourcing activities deemed to be critical supplies or critical services. This approval must be obtained before entering into the agreement. Outsourcing requests should be submitted via an ‘Operational – Outsourcing Arrangements’ application on the Licensee Portal. Key Function applications need to be submitted personally by the respective Key Person, through the ‘Personal Portfolio’ on the Licensee Portal.

If the licensee requires the Authority’s formal approval for any outsourced business arrangements with third parties (known as ‘Shared Conduct Agreements’), a specific procedure must be followed. This procedure has been updated as of June 2024 and can be accessed here.

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