Regulatory Updates

New guidance manual published on reporting of ADR proceedings

The MGA has issued a new guidance manual related to the reporting of the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) proceedings. The manual aims to provide licensees with a clear outline of the expected requirements and procedures relating to the submission of monthly ADR reports using the Licensee Portal on our website. 

In line with Part V of the ADR Directive (Directive 5 of 2018), B2C licensees are required to report to the Authority each dispute that has been referred to the ADR entity, together with the conclusion of such dispute once a decision has been taken by the ADR entity. In this regard, a new report entitled ‘ADR Report’ has been created and can be accessed from the ‘Company Timeline’ on the Licensee Portal.  
This reporting requirement comes into effect as from this month. Consequently, the first submission needs to be made by not later than 20th June 2024, whereby licensees are required to report the disputes that were referred to their respective approved ADR provider in the previous month. 

The guidance manual may be accessed here

B2C licensees may contact us on [email protected] for any assistance regarding this report or any other ADR matters. 

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