MGA Publishes the Enhanced Automated Reporting Platform (Land-Based) Directive

In exercise of the powers conferred by article 7(2) of the Gaming Act (Cap. 583 of the Laws of Malta), the Malta Gaming Authority is hereby publishing the Enhanced Automated Reporting Platform (Land-Based) Directive (Directive 6 of 2019) which establishes the requirements around the application of the Authority’s automated reporting system applicable to casinos and controlled gaming premises, as well as providers of critical gaming supplies to the same.

Qualifying entities under Directive 6 of 2019 are required to take all the necessary action to ensure that they have systems in place capable of generating reports in the format and frequency required by the same by the 30 November 2020. Furthermore, qualifying entities are also obliged to provide all the necessary assistance to the Authority’s personnel during testing phases.

The Enhanced Automated Reporting Platform is a tool which will allow the MGA to receive standardised data on a daily basis from land-based casinos and controlled gaming premises, thereby allowing the MGA direct and immediate access to gambling data, as well as the receipt of real-time alerts to the MGA’s Inspectorate for immediate and timely action.

The Directive has cleared the European Commission’s TRIS process envisaged under Directive 2015/1535. The data set used in Directive 6 of 2019 is based on the Technical Reporting Standard currently being developed by CEN Technical Committee 456 for the European Commission, and in which Malta is actively participating.

The regulatory reporting devices used to connect gaming devices to the Authority’s platform are financed by the European Union’s Operational Programme I – European Structural and Investment Funds 2014-2020.

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