MGA Publishes Feedback in relation to the Consultation on the draft Code of Commercial Communications

Following a public consultation process, titled ‘Code of Commercial Communications’, on the need for the current rules on the advertising of gaming services to be updated to better reflect the sector’s development, in terms of player behaviour, marketing techniques, new technologies, regulatory practice, and the needs of society in general, the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) is publishing a feedback document highlighting key points raised through the consultation process. The original consultation document may be accessed on the MGA’s website through the following link.

The general aim of the proposed Code is the protection of minors and other individuals who are, or may be more susceptible to problem gambling, the promotion and safeguarding of players’ rights and responsible gaming, the elimination of misleading terms, and in general the fair and non-predatory treatment of consumers by gaming operators.

The consultation on the draft Code of Commercial Communications is part of a series of consultations which the MGA is currently conducting with a view to advising it on the best approaches to be adopted in the regulatory overhaul which it is currently working on. The feedback provided on this consultation will now be considered in the finalisation of the text of the Code as well as, where relevant, in the drafting of the rest of the legislative initiatives required to complete the new gaming framework.

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