MGA publishes Consultation Feedback on the adoption of Enhanced Automated Reporting Platforms (EARP) to enhance regulatory compliance & reporting

Following a public consultation process on the adoption of an enhanced reporting tool for Land Based Gaming Devices and the Remote Gaming Sector through the implementation of an enhanced automated reporting platform (EARP), the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) is publishing a summary of the consultation feedback highlighting key points raised through the consultation process. The original consultation document may be accessed on the MGA’s website through the following link.

The purpose of the Consultation feedback (available below) for both Land-based and Online EARP is to assist the MGA in establishing its official position and recommended way forward for the EARP initiative. It is pertinent to point out that the main objective of the implementation of EARP systems is to improve reporting efficiency and minimise regulatory burdens and costs on the industry but at the same time ensure the availability of the required data by the Authority.

The MGA is of the view that the implementation of an EARP will not be disruptive to the operator, and the objective is for the benefits to outweigh any potential effort and cost to implement. Whilst recognising the success which the industry enjoys today, the MGA needs to increase its focus on future stability, integrity, sustainability and compliance. Through the consultation feedback received, it is clear that the suggested improvements to the current reporting framework are being welcomed by the industry in that it will provide value towards sustainability, growth and stability for Malta as a jurisdiction as well as for player protection.

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