Why Malta?

Malta has quickly established itself as a hub for successful economic activity, combining an effective base for business and innovation with an attractive lifestyle.

Malta is an independent parliamentary republic with strong democratic traditions. As a member of the European Union, the Council of Europe, the United Nations and the Commonwealth, Malta takes an active role in international affairs. Since its independence in 1964, political stability has been one of the mainstays of this small nation, making it an attractive alternative on the international stage.

Malta’s ideal location in the centre of the Mediterranean facilitates accessibility to the rest of the world. With just two hours flying time to central Europe, and with daily flights to all major European airports, operating from Malta equates to being strategically placed to do business on a global scale.

Moreover, the Islands’ English-speaking and highly-educated workforce enables you to build a strong local team, while still managing to  attract international leaders thanks to the enjoyable, and vibrant, yet extremely safe, quality of life enjoyed here. In fact, expatriates living in Malta are immediately attracted to the history, culture, character and climate of this unique island nation.

It is as a result of all this that the Maltese Islands have successfully attracted a range of industries and top international brands. Financial services, remote gaming, advanced manufacturing, life sciences, ICT, the creative industries, maritime services and aviation-related activities are among the fastest-growing sectors, while effectiveness, innovation and flexibility are key elements of Malta’s ever-evolving economic strategy.

So why Malta? The Island has:

  • A strong national commitment to attracting foreign investment
  • Over 40 years’ experience in foreign direct investment
  • High levels of quality productivity and profitability of investment
  • A highly skilled, flexible and multilingual workforce, with English and Italian  being widely spoken and with a good understanding of French, German, Arabic, among other languages
  • The availability of industrial premises at competitive prices
  • Fiscal and financial incentive packages
  • A modern and efficient infrastructure
  • Excellent educational facilities
  • High professionalism in business support services
  • Support from the Malta Enterprise
  • Economic, political and social stability
  • Valued close economic and cultural ties with neighbouring countries, both towards Europe to the north as well as towards North Africa to the south
  • A healthy and safe environment

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Are you thinking of doing business in Malta?

There are many reasons to back up this wise choice.

The Maltese Government welcomes foreign investors and has adopted policies that make doing business here seem like a natural choice. Malta is actually one of the EU’s most open economies, and also serves as an excellent stepping-stone for doing business with the rest of Europe and North Africa.

Needless to say, corporate taxation, fiscal incentives and aspects relating to human resources are key investment criteria too. Effective tax systems are also in place with several incentives aimed at attracting international business here with an array of employment tax credits, R&D tax credits, soft loan financing and bank guarantees.

In addition, Malta guarantees good business and financial services, viable commercial real estate, excellent telecommunications and flight connections, a highly-skilled workforce, competitive labour costs and a trustworthy legal system.

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