Land-Based Casinos

In order to open and operate a land-based casino in Malta, the applicant requires a Government Concession in order to qualify for a gaming licence for the said activity in accordance with the applicable regulations and directives.

The casino concession is valid for a 10-year period and will be subject to a pre-defined fee over three years (3) and the concessionaire (which would also be responsible to apply for, and obtain, a B2C Licence from the Malta Gaming Authority) will be required to operate a minimum of two hundred twenty-five (225) Electronic Gaming Machines (EGMs) and fifteen (15) gaming tables.

Once a gaming licence is awarded, the Casino Operator would need to adhere to the licence conditions as well as all relevant regulations and directives applicable to B2C Licensees. Furthermore, Casinos are also subject to the scrutiny of the MGA’s inspectors, who are present within the physical premises on a daily basis in order to ensure that the games are run fairly and according to law.

More information may be found on this guidance note.

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