Licences Suspended for Otto Gaming Limited

The Malta Gaming Authority (hereinafter the ‘Authority’) is hereby notifying that Otto Gaming Limited, remote gaming licences MGA/CL1/962/2014 and MGA/CL4/450/2008, have been suspended as of 20th April, 2015.

Otto Gaming Limited has thus been directed to suspend all gaming operations, cease to register new players, not take any further deposits, not offer any games falling under the Authority’s licences, provide registered players access to their accounts, settle all players’ monies and to remove any reference to the Authority, to the licences issued by the Authority and the logo/kite-mark of the Authority from all unapproved websites.

Furthermore the Authority hereby notifies that any websites operated by Otto Gaming Limited, or associated with Otto Gaming Limited, and which make reference to the Authority or the above-quoted licences are not approved to be operational by the Authority. Due to the suspension of the licences, Otto Gaming Limited are therefore not authorised to continue conducting gaming by means of distance communications under an Authority licence.

Players who deem to have any outstanding payments due to them on the mentioned licences are to send an email to [email protected] and should submit the following information:

  1. Name and Surname
  2. Registered Address
  3. Date of Birth
  4. Copy of Passport or ID Card
  5. Telephone Number
  6. User Name
  7. Screenshot of Balance or any pending Cash Outs (if not available an estimated balance is to be submitted)

The Authority notifies that no further information shall be released at this stage in order not to compromise any investigations that may need to be performed by the Authority and/or any other competent authority.

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