LGA participates in first ever East meets West Regulators Summit, in Manila

The Lotteries and Gaming Authority (LGA) has participated in the first ever East meets West Regulators Summit held between May 23 and May 25, 2014 in Manila, the Philippines.

Ten countries were represented, with regulators and delegations from Australia, Cambodia, Germany, Malta, the Philippines, South Korea and Singapore amongst others. The event was also attended by several high profile service providers and experts involved in the gaming sector.

The discussions and talks, including debates, were focused on cross border communication, reciprocity of licence recognition, locals versus foreigners, remote gaming and anti-money laundering amongst other topics relating to the gaming sector.

Some of the conclusions reached from the summit included the need for order in gaming regulation, regional co-operation to provide a framework for uniformity in probity checks, an approach to AML that is tailored to the gaming industry, crime mitigation and the adoption of robust responsible gaming principles.

Commenting on this event Executive Chairman of the LGA, Joseph Cuschieri said “This event was very important from an LGA perspective in that it provided more insight into the emerging Asian markets and the opportunities for collaboration it can present for Malta. My aim is to strategically develop stronger collaboration and ties with our Asian counterparts so that all available opportunities are explored and developed”

East Meets West.

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