The Responsible Gaming Foundation, GamingMalta and the European Gaming Institute of Malta are three projects initiated by the Malta Gaming Authority in 2014. These initiatives are part of the wider vision to consolidate the gaming industry in Malta.

The Responsible Gaming Foundation was the first to be launched in February 2014, by the MGA in conjunction with the Ministry for Family Affairs and Social Solidarity, following the debate in Parliament on the amendments of the Lotteries and Other Games Act (Cap.438 of the Laws of Malta) to introduce regulations governing land-based gaming parlours. The Government and Opposition agreed on the establishment of a fund to promote responsible gaming and initiatives/studies in relation to responsible gaming measures and actions.

The aim of the Responsible Gaming Foundation is to create a wider awareness of the extent, possible causes and consequences of excessive gambling in Malta with specific focus on prevention and to provide support and advice to compulsive gamblers in their journey to recovery. For further information about responsible gaming and getting help about gambling visit the Responsible Gaming Foundation’s website on

The GamingMalta Foundation is a non-profit organisation which was launched in March 2015, its founding members being the Government of Malta and the Malta Gaming Authority. Its objectives include the promotion of Malta as the leading jurisdiction and a centre of excellence in the gaming industry, both locally and internationally. GamingMalta is the promotional arm for the gaming industry tasked with attracting new companies to use Malta as their place of establishment for their activities. Furthermore, its remit is to liaise with the relevant authorities to improve Malta’s attractiveness as a jurisdiction.

Further information is available on the GamingMalta website on

The European Gaming Institute of Malta (EGIM) is a joint venture between the MGA and MCAST which has the objective of developing training and educational programmes for the gaming industry.

EGIM aims to offer the best possible mix of short-term courses, diplomas and masters programmes for potential candidates coming from non-related gaming industries to familiarise themselves with an area of choice within the gaming industry to achieve adequate knowledge and skills.

EGIM’s objective is to understand the skill requirements of the industry (current and future) and most importantly, forecast and prepare for the upcoming skill sets needed to build and create educational courses based on future technology and product trends.

For further information on the European Gaming Institute of Malta please visit