Digital Games of Skill with Prize Consultation Feedback

In December 2014, the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) issued a consultation paper entitled ‘Digital Games of Skill with Prize’, with the aim of addressing concerns related to potential risks associated with the lack of specific regulation for this sector. This was becoming increasingly important with the ongoing convergence between certain skill games and games of chance and skill with prize.

A number of gaming stakeholders, mainly remote gaming operators and sector associates, as well as citizens have submitted their feedback to the MGA. This was followed by a number of clarification meetings, specifically held to ensure that responses were adequately understood and categorised accordingly.  These responses will lay the foundation for the MGA’s official position on Digital Games of Skill with Prize.

A summary thereof, together with the full feedback documents as submitted by respondents can be found in the feedback pages below.


The following is the list of stakeholders who submitted their feedback, sorted according by the interest groups which they represent:

  • Citizens
  • Sector Associates
  • Licensed remote gaming operators

Contributors may request for modification or deletion of their submitted contribution to this consultation process, by sending an email on [email protected].