Cloud Solutions for the Remote Gaming Industry Consultation Feedback

In October 2014, the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) launched a public consultation on the adoption of Cloud Computing solutions by remote gaming operators. The aim of this consultation was to gather insights and feedback from key stakeholders, industry experts, and other interested parties.

A number of remote gaming operators have, or are considering adopting Cloud Computing solutions to better manage their IT resources; taking advantage of the flexibility and scalability of such solutions. But migrating from the traditional environment to a cloud environment can be challenging.

For this purpose through this public consultation the Authority aims to provide more clarity on solutions involving converged infrastructure and shared services; ensuring good practice and giving the possibility to operators to mitigate the associated risks.

As part of the public consultation, the MGA is publishing a summary of the responses received, together with the full feedback documents as submitted by respondents. The Authority is considering all responses carefully and an official position will be published shortly.


The following is a list of stakeholders who submitted their feedback, sorted according to the interest groups which they represent:

  • Remote Gaming Operators
  • Industry Experts
  • Sector Associates
  • Data Centres

Contributors may request for modification or deletion of their submitted contribution to this consultation process, by sending an email on [email protected].