Cancellation of Authorisation for Fantasy Sports Interactive Limited (MGA/B2B/424/2017)

The Malta Gaming Authority has decided to cancel the authorisation awarded to Fantasy Sports Interactive Limited (MGA/B2B/424/2017), hereinafter the “Authorised Person”, effective as of 24 November in terms of regulation 10 (1) (a) of the Gaming Compliance and Enforcement Regulations (S.L. 583.06), hereinafter the “Regulations”.

This sanction is being imposed upon the Authorised Person for having breached regulation 9 (1) of the Regulations, as per the reasons outlined hereunder:

  • the Authorised Person has failed to comply with an order issued by the Authority; and,
  • the Authorised Person has failed to pay in a timely manner all amounts due to the Authority.

The Authorised Person is thus no longer authorised to carry out gaming operations and is required to immediately settle all outstanding fees that are due to the Authority.

Update 06/04/2022: Fantasy Sports Interactive Ltd are noted to have cooperated with relevant requests and have settled all outstanding dues owed to the Authority.

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