Amendment to the Registration of Players Directive (Directive 4 of 2011)

The Malta Gaming Authority (hereinafter the ‘MGA’) hereby notifies that it has amended the Registration of Players Directive (hereinafter the ‘Directive’) with effect from the date of this notice.

The following are the amendments:

  • in Clause 7 the requirement to update the details and photograph annually has been amended to a requirement to update when it is reasonable to do so owing to material changes thereto;
  • in Annex A there has been a change to the requirement to register players who are tourists; and
  • the requirements of Annex B regarding the Photo Requirements have been streamlined.

The amendments are intended to ensure less cumbersome processes upon registration of players however maintaining that all relevant information and details are collected and updated to ensure compliance with the relevant legislation and to ensure the application of the self-barring system to assist persons to curb their gambling problem.

The updated version of the Directive can be accessed through this link.

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