Remote Gaming

The Remote Gaming sector is the most dynamic and the fastest growing gaming sector in Malta, which is regulated under the provisions of the Remote Gaming Regulations (L.N. 176/04).

The sector dynamics of Remote Gaming coupled with the technological convergence created the need for a remodelled regulatory framework. The first on-line betting site in Malta was launched in 2000, and established under the Public Lotto Ordinance (L.N. 34 of 2000), to regulate offshore betting offices. Since then Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), has developed its methodologies to regulate the procedures of remote gaming operations. In April 2004, the revamped Remote Gaming Regulations were published, with Malta becoming the first EU member state to regulate Remote Gaming. The Regulations are further divided in four classes.

The MGA regulatory regime aims to be both technology and game neutral. It encompasses any type of gaming using a means of distance communication (including internet, digital TV, mobile phone technology, telephone and fax). Any Remote Game which can be securely managed by MGA Regulations will be considered for licensing.

In March 2005, the Malta Remote Gaming Council was launched. This Council brings together all our remote gaming licensees, which gives the opportunity to meet new challenges backed by the inherent advantages of a collective effort. The Authority has also launched an on-line forum with the aim of having an on-going discussion between all stakeholders; namely ISP providers, legal and financial representatives in the Malta Remote Gaming Industry. For more information kindly visit the website

Legislation & Regulation

  • Established under the main Act as Other Games by Means of Distance Communication;
  • Repeals previous online betting offices regulations;
  • First EU Member State to regulate on-line Gaming on May 1st 2004.


Directive on Inactive Accounts
DoA - Code of Conduct on Advertising, Promotions and Inducements
Procedure for a Shared Conduct of Gaming Business Agreement
Remote Gaming Fact Sheets


Title Description
Remote Gaming Regulations

Maltese Version

Remote Gaming Regulations

English Version

Lotteries and Other Games Act (EN)
Lotteries and Other Games Act (MT)


The following are the downloadable documents for Remote Gaming which include; Application Forms, Audits and other related forms.

Application Stage

The below documents need to be submitted in order to apply for a Remote Gaming License.

More information about the application stage can be found in the following document Remote Gaming Application Process Fact Sheets

Title Description
Form MGA/51/2011-13

System Documentation Checklist

Form MGA/51/2010-01

Remote Gaming Licence Application Form

Form MGA/51/2010-03

Business Entity Information Form

Form MGA/51/2010-5

Personal Declaration Application Form - Key Official

Form MGA/51/2010-02

Personal Declaration Application Form

System Audit

It is recommended to go through the System Audit Checklist prior to commencing the official System Audit for the purpose of verifying compliance from your end. The MGA will audit against the items in this document prior to Go Live. It is also required that the connection with payment gateways must be completed and the website must be up and running in a test environment.

System Audit Check List

Go Live Date

This form is to be sent to the Authority within 60 days of the issuance of the licence.

Title Description
Form MGA/51/2010-12

Go-Live Declaration Form

Compliance audit

A licensed Maltese operator is subject by law to carry out a compliance audit by an independent firm within one year from the License date. The following form should be submitted within the first year of operation. The MGA shall require a second audit of the operation halfway through the lifespan of a licence. The MGA may impose further compliance audits should the need arise.


Compliance Audit

Other Related Forms

Title Description
Form MGA/51/2010-04

Service Provider Authorisation Form

Form MGA/51/2010-06

Remote Gaming Approval of Employee Application Form

Form MGA/51/2010-09

Licensee Intermediary Form

Form MGA/51/2010-11

Decommissioned Equipment Form

Form MGA/51/2010

License Renewal Application Form