Regulatory Updates

Repealed Guidance Note on the Impact of the United Kingdom’s Exit from the European Union

The Malta Gaming Authority is hereby repealing the “Guidance Note on the Impact of the United Kingdom’s Exit from the European Union”. The Guidance Note had been published before the finalisation and publication of the EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement, with the aim of informing Authorised Persons about the potential impacts of Brexit and to provide guidance during a period of uncertainty. Therefore, the Guidance Note is reflective of the Authority’s position preceding the publication and coming into force of the Agreement.

The publication of the Agreement was pivotal in providing legal clarity as to how the EU-UK relationship will continue post-Brexit and delineated the terms that either Party is bound by in the development of trade and investment between them. The Authority is obliged to adhere to the Agreement’s terms, which supersede any positions held before it entered into force.

In light of this, the Authority is hereby repealing the Guidance Note, as part of its sustained commitment to ensure its legal and regulatory framework is clear, accurate and up-to-date. Furthermore, through the Notice of Repeal, the Authority has also taken the opportunity to provide additional clarity on the matters outlined within the Guidance Note.

The repealed Guidance Note may be accessed here.  

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