Lifestyle in Malta

One of Malta’s strongest attractions is definitely its enviable Mediterranean lifestyle; indeed, albeit Malta has established itself as a renowned centre for business and commerce, it has also managed to retain its fun-loving approach to life.

Malta is also renowned for its growing partying scene, and most of the world’s top DJs, including Armin van Buuren, Tiesto and David Guetta, among others, have performed here. Culture is another important factor in the Islanders’ day-to-day life, and the buzzing theatre and music scenes can attest to that. Throughout the year many festivals are organised all over the Island, which range from the Isle of MTV concert to the International Baroque Festival, the Malta Arts Festival, Żigużajg (which is an arts and culture festival for children) and the BOV Opera Festival.

If you are considering relocating to Malta, therefore, then you can rest assured that you will settle in seamlessly. From the excellent level of healthcare and schooling, to the ever-growing expatriate community and welcoming locals, you will be making a first-class lifestyle choice. Malta is also well-known for its high standard of living and cosmopolitan attractions, including luxury real estate and rental accommodation, top restaurants and bars, and world-class leisure – be it spas, golf or yachting.

In fact, the thousands of international businesspeople who have chosen Malta as their base will tell you the many reasons why they love living and working here. Thanks to its location at the crossroads between Europe, Africa and the Middle East, Malta has given them a home that is easily accessible to the rest of the world, while still offering particular lifestyle opportunities. Malta is a Mediterranean haven waiting to be discovered, and it is these same people, who now proudly call Malta their home, who provide authentic testimonials of why Malta is such a great place to live, invest and do business in.

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