Local Links

  • Responsible Gaming Foundation (RGF) – The RGF aims to create a greater awareness of the extent of excessive gaming in Malta, together with possible causes and consequences with a view to minimising such practice and providing the necessary support and advice to compulsive gamblers and their dependents in their journey to recovery
  • European Gaming Institute of Malta (EGIM) – EGIM’s objective is to understand the skill requirements of the industry (current and future) and most importantly, forecast and prepare for the upcoming skill sets needed to build and create educational courses based on future technology and product trends.
  • Gaming Malta – Gaming Malta aims to promote Malta as the leading jurisdiction and a centre of excellence in the gaming industry, both locally and internationally.
  • Central Bank of Malta
    Access information about specific aspects of the Central Bank such as statistics, exchange rates, financial markets, publications and payment systems.
  • Department of Information (DOI)
    The DOI site provides up-to-date, comprehensive and meaningful information on Government policies, services and activities.
  • Inland Revenue Department (IR) – Malta
    This site provides information about taxation in Malta.
  • Financial Intelligence Analysis Unit (FIAU)
    This is the national unit responsible for the prevention of money laundering.
  • Government of Malta
    The official site of the Maltese Government provides information about the Maltese Public Sector and services offered by its agencies.
  • Laws of Malta
    This site provides a collection of all the laws of Malta, including subsidiary legislation.
  • Malta Communications Authority (MCA)
    The Malta Communications Authority was set up to regulate communications services, which include fixed and mobile telephony, Internet and TV distribution services. It also regulates the postal sector and eCommerce services and Malta’s radio spectrum resources.
  • Malta Enterprise (ME)
    Malta Enterprise provides a comprehensive package of assistance and advisory services to international companies and investors who are considering setting up operations in Malta.
  • The European Consumer Centre of Malta
    The European Consumer Centre of Malta (ECC Malta) addresses questions consumers may have about their activities in the European market.
  • Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA)
    MFSA is the single regulator for banking, investment and insurance business in Malta and also houses the country’s Companies’ Registry.
  • Malta Stock Exchange (MSE)
    This site provides the latest market data, market statistics, official lists and company announcements.
  • Malta Tourism Authority (MTA)
    This website provides all the relevant information about the Maltese Islands such as statistics, travel industry news, tourism and the EU. One may also visit com to learn more about Malta as a tourist and business destination.
  • National Statistics Office (NSO)
    The NSO site offers a wide-ranging collection, compilation and dissemination of various statistical indicators.
  • Malta Information Technology Agency (MITA)
    MITA is the central driver of Government’s Information and Communications Technology (ICT) policy, programmes and initiatives.
  • The Treasury Department – Malta
    This site provides information relating to the Treasury Department’s responsibility in maintaining an effective accounting methodology and relevant accounting systems across Government, monitoring Government’s cash flow position and determining the size and composition of the Government’s capital structure amongst other responsibilities.

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