Invest in Malta

With 7,000 years of history, two hundred generations of civilization and twelve months of sunshine a year, Malta has transformed itself from a British colony to an independent EU member state in the last four decades and is now emerging as one of the fastest growing financial services centre in the world and a front runner in the provision of ICT services.

Malta’s geographical position, picturesque charm and historic appeal are further enhanced by the island’s highly skilled multi-lingual professionals, strong yet flexible legislative framework for business has promoted Malta to win both prestigious investment and international recognition.

Why Re-Locating to Malta?

  • Healthy Outlook – Malta offers high standards of health care and operations that are relatively-affordable, along with English-speaking and largely British-based specialists
  • Safest Travel Destination in the World – Several surveys have proved that Malta is one of the safest vacation spots in the world’- US State Department, 2008; WHO Report, 2008, Travel Expert Laura Mc Kenzie, 2007
  • ‘Malta has no modern day terrorist threats and its crime rate is very low … the police force is one of the oldest in the world … Malta is the perfect place to take terrific photos’ – Renowned American Travel Expert and TV Host – Laura McKenzie, 2007
  • Lowest Road Related Fatalities in the EU – Official EU figures, March 2014

International Economic Evaluation

  • ‘Malta has made an outstanding performance in the field of financial services … It is well-regulated, well-run and thriving and I see it thriving even more in the years to come’ – EU Commissioner – Charlie Mc Creevy, May 2008
  • Malta’s banking system is well-placed to weather the current global turmoil. Banks have healthy liquidity positions and a good funding profile – IMF Report, May 2008
  • ‘The Maltese Authorities must be commended for the successful adoption of the Euro on January 1, 2008: a crucial landmark in their growth oriented reform agenda’ – IMF Report, May 2008
  • Malta is a textbook case of the beneficial effects of meeting the EU entry criteria – The Economist, July 2007
  • Malta is ‘Only EU & the Only Mediterranean Country that has been named a Miracle Economy out of 13 economies in the world who registered an average more than 7% economic growth rate in the past 50 years.’ – Growth Report 2008, World Bank
  • As a member of the EU, Malta is actively strengthening its national and cross-border crisis management framework in the light of lessons from the recent international financial turmoil – IMF Report, May 2008

Malta’s Key Benefits to Business

  • Effective Tax Systems – Malta offers incentive for firms to relocate their business including investment and employment tax credits as well as planned R&D tax credits, soft loan financing and bank guarantees.
  • Sound yet flexible legislative framework – Malta’s legislative framework is in line with the main EU directives.
  • Excellent economic track record with sustained growth, economic and political stability
  • Skilled, Qualified and Multi-Lingual Professionals with comparatively low ancillary labour costs and an excellent work ethic – social capital is one of the prime resources in Malta with over 60% of students following a tertiary level of education or vocational courses.
  • Malta has excellent flight connections and Maltese Standard time is one hour ahead of Greenwich Mean Time
  • High Standard of Living with diverse entertainment and sport facilities and relatively Low Cost of Living
  • Major Transhipment Hub in the Region – Malta Freeport is one of the most efficient and successful Freeport operations in the Mediterranean.
  • Up market apartments and quality homes as well as excellent office space at reasonable prices
  • Paramount anti-money laundering standards have nurtured the financial services sector.
  • Business Environment – a product driven economy, established international banking and insurance services.

Malta’s achievements in FDI … so far

  • Malta’s advantageous tax rates and its highly skilled and educated workforce has contributed widely to Malta’s success in attracting foreign investment.
  • Smart City Malta – an investment of €220 million from Dubai’s Internet City’s Tecom-Sama joint venture has attracted technology giants such as Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Cisco and Oracle to join Smart City Malta.
  • Lufthansa Technik – €60 million expansion of their existing MRO operations in Malta
  • Services Sector – HSBC Call Centre
  • Manufacturing Industry – ST Micro Electronics, Methode Electronics, Dowty
  • About 20 international pharmaceutical firms such as Actavis and Siegfried Holdings have moved business to Malta
  • In 2013 a positive increase in FDI inflows was mainly the result of an increase in foreign owned equity capital, which increased by €79 million in the first half of 2013
  • Foreign direct investment flows in Malta within the manufacturing industry in 2013 amounted to €90.8 million