Gaming Devices

The Gaming Devices Regulations came into force in 2011 with the aim of empowering the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) to license and regulate gaming devices. Applicants wishing to carry out certain activities relating to gaming devices must apply for a licence. The licence class then depends on the type of activity to be carried out. According to the Regulations, the devices themselves need to be approved by the MGA.

Moreover, certain Directives have also been formulated by the MGA in order to regulate further certain specific matters. The MGA Directives applicable to Gaming Devices are found hereunder and also address, for instance, provisions relating to the location of premises in which such devices are hosted.

When seeking the MGA’s approval to host gaming devices applicants also need to present the necessary Permit covering the premises from the Malta Environment and Planning Authority (MEPA). As part of the process for obtaining the MEPA permit, applicants must first apply to obtain a No Objection Certificate from the Authority, as specified in the MGA’s Gaming Parlours No Objection Certificate Directive 2011, and present it to MEPA. After obtaining the MGA permit, applicants may proceed with applying for the MEPA permit. Once the MEPA permit has been issued, the application for approval of the gaming devices is processed by the MGA.