Enhanced Automated Reporting Platform

The Enhanced Automated Reporting Platform is a tool which will allow the MGA to receive standardised data on a daily basis from Licenced operators and controlled gaming premises, thereby allowing the MGA direct and immediate access to gambling data, as well as the receipt of real-time alerts to the MGA’s Inspectorate for immediate and timely action.

Change Log (Version 20200810)


  • Removed extra ‘^’ from pattern in simple type element ISODateTime
  • Changed PlayerTypes1 to include only Land Based Player types
  • Added MonetaryAmountPositive to include only positive Monetary amounts
  • Changed regex for emailAddr
  • changed regex for URL
  • changed regex for ISOCurrency
  • Added element VrsnNb to DocumentHeaderType1 complex type. The document version number must be the same one as the file name
  • Rearranged regex pattern for email address simple type


  • Added <currency> and <BaseRate> attributes to PlyrWgrActvy