The following are the downloadable documents for Remote Gaming which include: Application Forms, Audits and other related forms.

Application Stage

The documents listed here-under need to be submitted in order to apply for a Remote Gaming Licence.

More information about the application process can be found in the following document Remote Gaming Application Process Fact Sheets.

System Documentation Checklist
Remote Gaming Licence Application Form
Business Entity Information Form
Personal Declaration Application Form - Key Official
Personal Declaration Application Form

System Audit

It is recommended that prospective applicants go through the System Audit Checklist prior to commencing the official System Audit for the purpose of verifying compliance from the applicant’s end. The MGA’s audit prior to the ‘Go Live’ phase will be carried out against the items in this document. It is also required that the connection with payment gateways is completed and the website is up and running in a test environment.

System Audit Check List

Go Live Date

This form is to be sent to the Authority within 60 days of the issuance of the licence.

Go-Live Declaration Form

Compliance audit

A licensed Maltese operator is obliged by law to engage an independent firm to carry out a compliance audit within one year from the Licence date. The following form should be submitted within the first year of operation. The MGA requires a second audit of the operation halfway through the lifespan of a licence. The MGA may impose further compliance audits should the need arise.

Compliance Audit

Other Related Forms

Service Provider Authorisation Form
Licensee Intermediary Form
Decommissioned Equipment Form
Licence Renewal Application Form